Фандомная блудница


when I read about the right spelling of Arno, at first I dind’t like it, but after some time I realized it was a nice choice: sure thing, Ezio would love it.

A r n o      D o r i a n

- Born in 1768 / French and Austrian heritage.

As a young man wounded by loss, Arno joins the Assassin Order in 1789, exposing the true powers behind the Revolution.


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Guy Williams as Zorro. Guest appearance by Jonathan Harris as Don Carlos.


In 1958 Zorro came to Disneyland!  Guy Williams played Zorro in the Disney TV show that ran from 1957-1959. This was him in a promotion at Disneyland for the show. Via the Disney Parks Blog. More vintage Disney.

Roman Reigns casually hanging out with The Wyatts (x)


Kirk to Enterprise


Kirk to Enterprise

When the wind blows through your hair,
I want you so bad, want you so bad.